Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds have been in existence for a long time now and they haven’t really changed that much over those years. They still have a track which the louvres run on and the louvres in the main are still weighted at the bottom with chains fixed for spacing. The big change for this blind and the blind industry came in March 2014 when child safety regulation set new rules on how blind cords and chains could be used in the home and public places. As a company who have been practising child safety with blind cords long before the regulations were announced we are now supplying Vertical blind headrails with a wand control as standard. This wand control pulls the blind back and forth over the window and also tilts the louvres with no hanging cord or chains. We can still supply the old system with chain to tilt and cord to move the blind. However there are now rules which we have to obey. All cord and chains must be 1500mm of floor and be held in place with a child safety device.




In standard fabric, louvre widths come in 89mm and 127mm. There are many textures and colours to choose from ranging from sheer to opaque to blackout. All fabric vertical blinds come with a white base chain which link and hold the louvres in a uniformed order. The louvres can be stacked to the right, the left or split like a pair of curtains. If using a wand control we can only manufacture right or left hand stack not split. The controls can also be at the side you prefer.


We also have a range of solid slats which work in exactly the same way as fabric ones. They come in vinyl and aluminium and do not have base weights or linking chains. These are ideal for pets and young children who can sometimes trip and get tangled up in the conventional chain link system. They are also much easier to clean. There are different qualities of this product but when you use the solid slat the price does increase compared to the fabric version.