Roller Blinds

Roller blinds in general are the most cost effective product we produce. They are available in a large range of fabrics from Transparencies, Opaque and blackouts. The blind can be operated by a sidewinder chain control which tends to be the most popular. This chain control is subject to the child safety regulations and will come with a device which will be installed with the Blind. We also have what is called soft raise which is a system similar to the old spring roller from years ago, the difference being it can be set to go up at a certain speed. We have found since the child regulations started that roller blinds are sometimes impossible to use especially over sink windows. The rule is that any chain must be 1500mm from floor, this means in certain cases you would have to be very tall to reach over a sink to get to the control. There are of course other types of blind we do which do not have this problem and could be used in this situation. The last control which eliminates the reach problem is fully motorised with remote control



Reverse Rolled

This image show the blinds reverse rolled which we do as standard. Reverse rolled means the fabric comes of the roller from the front; this hides the roller itself and also looks neater as all you see is the fabric. It also helps to clear handle obstructions.
Our standard range of roller blinds go up to 3000mm wide but we do have a more expensive XL range which will go up to 3600mm wide x 3200mm drop this is a heavy duty system.

Cassette Boxes

Also available are cassette boxes which the blind can roll up into. These boxes are made of aluminium and come in different colours. There is also an option for having the cassette box covered in the fabric of the blind. These boxes come with a sidewinder chain which will have child safe devices fitted


The blind can be finished with a variety of scallop and turret shapes complimented by a braid or fringe trim. If a fabric cannot be found in any of our collection books we can process your own fabric and make up a laminated roller blind. A sample of fabric would be required to assess.


Elaborate upholstered pelmets can also be made up to compliment you roller blind.

Bloc Roller Blinds

Bloc Roller blinds give virtually 100% blackout in a room. They can fix to the front of a recess, the back of the recess or outside the recess. The blind is made up of a 3 sided frame. At the top is a cassette that the fabric rolls into and at the sides are channels which are fixed to the inside walls. When the blind is operated and pulled down the two ends of the blind run in these side channels. The bottom bar of the blind has rubber strips and when the blind is right down these rubber strips completely close any light transmission along the sill. The side channels and cassette box also cut out all light so you are left with blackout conditions. The blind has a clever self lock when you raise or lower the blind. You push in the bottom bar to release which means when you let go it locks in which ever position you have left the blind.