Facette Blinds

The Facette blind is one of a family of three specialist voile blinds we produce that manage using a mixture of transparencies and opaque fabrics to do the unusual. Twist and Facette are the other two.




The Luxaflex Facette blind only starts to tilt open and shut when it is fully retracted down onto the window or door. The fabric is made from 100% Trevira and comes in 3 stripe widths. They are 4mm slim and elegant 7mm suitable for most installations and 14mm for larger windows or doors. The fabric is made up of two fabrics one sat in front of the other, each fabric consisting of a muslin type stripe that can be seen through and a solid stripe for privacy. When the blind is fully lowered the stripes will open and close to give total light and privacy control. The blind comes with a chain control and will have child safety devices fitted. The Facette blind works in the same way as a roller blind except when it is raised of the window it retracts back into its own cassette box. Facette is one of the only blinds that cannot be motorised.